Thursday, December 3, 2015

10 Stocking Stuffers For Your Toddler

Ho, Ho, Ho! Santa Claus is coming to town! I don't know about you, but this Santa is READY! well... almost ready. We are so excited about this Christmas with Brooks. Last year, it was fun to see his amazement at the lights, paper, and tissue. This year he might get into his gifts. He is obsessed with farms and trucks, so let's say there will be a lot of farming and trucks! I love buying the perfect gift. Not just for Brooks, for everyone on my list. When it comes to Christmas, my weakness is stuffing stockings. I never know what to put in them. My husband is a pro- He can fill a stocking with the best of them. Now that Brooks has come along, I have two stockings to struggle with. I don't want to fill them with junk that will just collect dust. This takes some serious thought for me. This year, I started making a list when I saw something online or in the store. I have compiled a list of 10 items that will be perfect for my toddler's stocking... it may be perfect for yours as well.

1. Sippy Cup
2. Thomas the Train Flashlight
3. Disposable Placemats
4. My First Markers
5. Mini Tape Measure
6. Tooth Brush
7. Bath Tub Crayons
8.Travel Silverware with Case
9. Matchbox Cars
10. My First Crayons

Am I the only one who has trouble stuffing stockings? What are some of your stuffer ideas?

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